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We Are Reborn!

After much hesitation, holding back, and endurance, we finally can’t stop ourselves anymore to start our new blog with wordpress.com instead!  Well, our old blog with livejournal.com had served us well for the past 2 years, but after having starting up many other blog sites with wordpress.com, we realize just how much we’re missing out during our time with livejournal.com, and thus have to make the tough decision to migrate our Kanga Organics old blog site to wordpress.com instead.  We will however not be closing down the old blog, and have linked it here on our links under Kanga Organics on the right navigation as well, so every once in a while, if you are feeling nostalgic, by all means, visit our old blog to reminisce for old times sake!

Just a little heads up, we had initially planned to launch this new blog for Kanga Organics only when our new website is up early next year, but seriously,we just very much prefer to blog on wordpress.com portal… it’s just so much more easy and fun!  So, yeap, we can’t wait that long, so here it is!  Our brand new Kanga Organics Blog!  Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here as much as we have enjoyed creating it!

Let us know any comments you may have with this new blog of ours, whether you like it, hate it, find it absolutely easy to navigate and read posts, or absolutely disgusting format or theme or colors, just please, let us know how we can improve it for your reading pleasure, so you can come back often!  If there might be anything you’ll love to read up here, do let us know too, and we’ll try our very best to offer!

Enjoy your stay here, and Happy National Day Singapore!

PS: With the launch of our new blog, we are happy to extend our Sanctum Intensive Care Special 15% Promo for a limited time period only, or while stocks lasts!  So, hurry and do check with us on stocks availability when you place your Sanctum order!