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Our New Household Cleaning Brand: IDOCARE

Do you think you’re Green?  Answer these questions to find out, and see our answers too!

Do you eat organic? 
We answer: Not really, unless we can find affordable ones.  Organic food is still too expensive!

Do you wear and sleep organic? 
We answer: Wear yes, sleep only on organic cotton pillowcases we bought on sale.

Do you use organic skincare, body wash, shampoo, etc? 
We answer: Totally!  All available products on Kanga Organics!

Do you use energy saving bulbs? 
We answer: Yes, for our new home.

Do you use green technology electrical appliances? 
We answer: Yes, for most appliances we just got for our new home.

Do you have a recycle trash bin and separate your recyclable trash from non-recyclable? 
We answer: Yes, and will continue a better system in our new home.

Do you bring your own bags for shopping? 
We answer: Most times, we bring our own Nature Bag, except when we forgot, or didn’t expect to shop, we don’t ask for a bag, unless it’s too much to carry.

Do you use eco-friendly household cleaning agents? 
We answer: Not yet, because they’re expensive too, but we will convert to IDOCARE products soon in our new home!

IDOCARE products are now available for sale on Kanga Organics too, and we are happy to retail them because they are a local brand, and they’re are super affordable too!

Find out more about IDOCARE products on our new blog page.  We are not able to list the products on our official website yet, as it is a complicated building process, and will take too long, and we simply can’t wait to introduce you this super affordable household brand of products that we can’t wait to try in our new home ourselves!

Prices start from only $4.50!  Don’t believe?  See for yourself, or better yet, try it out for your precious home today, and keep your hands, your skin, your clothing, your washing machine safe from those harmful chemicals, and make them last longer for you!  Save your home, save yourself, save the Earth, at super affordable prices?  Why not?  Just a small quantity of IDOCARE products does the job for you, thus you save on products eventually too!

We accept email or phone orders for IDOCARE products, which might even make it much easier for some of you who dislike going through the adding to cart processes.  Check out the products now, and make the switch to super affordable, eco-friendly IDOCARE products today!