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New Four Cow Farm Bath Time Pampering

Sensitive skin babies or adults alike who needs some bath time pampering, hear hear!  Here’s 2 of our brand new Four Cow Farm bath time pampering must haves in your bathroom for everyday pampering or that once a weekly well deserved bath soak!  Limited stocks available on sale now, order while stocks lasts!

Organic Calendula, Oat & Chickweed Bath Soak

Pohnpei Sponge, Hand-Grown and Sustainably Farmed


New Calendula Remedy & Nappy Balm

Due to popular demand, we’ve added on two more special products from Four Cow Farm series!  Calendula Remedy & Nappy Balm in two sizes.  No more worries of that nappy rash, cradle cap, or irritating eczema rash that’s bothering your precious little one no more.  Adults with sensitive itching skins, I highly recommend these two special balms too, as I use it to curb my eczema itch that outbreaks due to extreme hormonal changes during pregnancy right now!

Check out our ecostore baby series too that complements Four Cow Farm nicely!

Free shipping for all new customers signups, so hurry grab this opportunity now!