Our Philosophy

Kanga Organics is set up by Joey Lam who simply loves to try out beauty skincare products.  She discovered organic skincare by mere coincidence.  Unable to afford the high end organic skincare ranges available in Singapore, she decides to seek out more affordable ranges available, and uncovered the brands you see on Kanga Organics today.  Being an animal lover, and hoping to give something back to the environment and Planet Earth, Joey decides to import these products into Singapore to share with those who are unaware of the goodness of organic skincare.  By keeping the prices low and affordable, it allows everyone who wishes to experience the benefits of organic skincare possible on Kanga Organics.

Kanga Organics is not set up to earn huge profits, but with a mission to help convert and educate more consumers to make the organic switch, and to share the important and significant value of using organic products in all aspects of our daily lives, be it organic food, household products, clothing, or personal and skincare products.  Joey believes that if every single person in the world uses at least one organic product in any aspect in their lives, the earth can be made a better, cleaner and greener planet for all to live in for a longer period of time.

Kanga Organics started initially with organic skincare, but since Joey is becoming a new mum to be, she starts hunting down more organic baby care and organic clothing that is soft and safe for baby’s sensitive skins.  The organic bamboo and organic cotton baby clothing range you see here are exclusively selected for their unique designs and organic materials that all babies will love to be swaddled in.  After all, a newborn baby is the most natural being on earth, so why shouldn’t mummy spoil precious baby to the heavens?!

Go ahead and try at least one organic product in your daily lifestyle now.  Make the switch, and spread the benefits of going organic around!  YOU can change the world too, just by doing a little bit at a time.  Start caring for your health, skin, body, and our Planet Earth by shopping online on www.kangaorganics.com & check out any of our affordable organic products specially selected for YOU.

There is definitely an organic product for YOU to start caring for yourself and Planet Earth today!

Joey Lam
Kanga Organics Founder
Your Affordable Organic Online Store

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