Our Household Cleaning Brand: IDOCARE


A deeper shade of green

IDOCARE is committed to producing a line of environmentally-conscious products that allow people to live a greener and healthier lifestyle, without the need to compromise.  We believe that everyone deserves the chance to make a difference, by using green products whenever we can without burning holes in our wallets.

We do as much, but with as little harm as we can.

Better for you.  Better for the planet.  Our high performance concentrated cleaning products are 100% non-toxic, formulated from fully biodegradable ingredients, and thus absolutely safe for family, pets and the environment.  By keeping formulas simple, natural, yet effective, we help you save money and make socially responsible decisions for a healthier home and a better planet.


5x Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid – $6.95

Summer Citrus, 500g pack

Gentle on your hands yet effective, our 5x Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid effectively cuts through the toughest grease. Balanced PH and natural ingredients make it safer for your family, and the environment.  Not tested on animals.

Tip: Use 1 part concentrated with 5 parts water dilution in another recycle pump bottle for daily wash.  Only use it concentrate for super tough grease!  Use 1-2 drops in a basin of clean water to wash away pesticide and bacteria residue on non-organic fruits and veggies too! 

  • NPE free
  • PARABEN free
Phosphate free
Plant based ingredients
100% biodegradable


For regular wash-up, mix 1 part dishwashing liquid with 5 parts water.  Cut through tougher grease with 2-3 drops of undiluted detergent.


Plant based cocamidodipropyl betaine, Coconut doethanolamide, Plant based alkyl polygluocide, Sodium alkyl aryl sulphonate, Plant based sodium lauryl ether sulphate, Ammonium carbamate. Biocide: Hydroxydichlorodiphenyl ether. Scent: Lime Fresh

Concentrated Laundry Detergent – $12

Lavender Fields, 1kg pack

Wonderful for both cold and hot water washing, our Concentrated Laundry Detergent dissolves quickly and completely for a clean wash.  With outstanding stain removal power, a fresh Lavender scent, yet eco-friendly, your clothes will look and feel great.

Tip: Use only 3/4 of a provided scoop for a full load machine wash.  If your clothing are extremely dirty, then make it a full scoop, but you will hardly need to use that much really!  For baby clothing that aren’t that stained, reduce amount accordingly.  For hand washing of delicates, use a pinch of powder, as you would a pinch of salt, but ensure that you use dry hands.  Detergent powder reacts immediately with water, therefore always keep your scoop, hands, and box of detergent powder dry.  Remember, never let powder get in touch with clothing directly, always ensure powder is thoroughly dissolved before adding clothes in, be it hand washing, or in the washing machine.  Use the detergent powder compartment build in the washing machine, and you won’t go wrong!

  • Outstanding stain removal power
  • Keeps whites remaining white, and brightens colours
  • Natural anti-redisposition agent stops dirt from reattaching to your clothes
  • Antibacterial agent eliminates germs and bacteria
  • Anti-odour formulation makes it suitable for indoor drying and overnight pre-soaking
  • Not tested on animals
  • Antirust ability lengthens the lifespan of machines
  • Low suds which make it great for both Front load and Top load machines
  • NPE free
Paraben free
  • Phosphate free
  • Plant based ingredients
  • No optical brighteners


Do not pour directly onto clothes.  Simply mix ¾ scoop in the water for 1 full load.  For overnight soaking to treat stubborn stains, or for hand-washing, allow powder detergent to fully dissolve in water before adding clothes.  Our Detergent comes in a box with a convenient flip-top, making it a cinch to use.


Plant based fatty alcohol ethoxylate, Sodium carbonate, Sodium metasilicate, Sodium perborate monohydrate, Sodium sukphate, Enzyme protease. Biocides: Hydrooxydihlorodiphenyl ether & Alkyl diamethyl bezyl ammonium chloride. Scent: Lavender


  • IDOCARE is only available by courier delivery, due to its heavy weight.
  • Standard courier delivery charge: $6 to Singapore islandwide (except offshore islands) available everyday from 8am – 10pm.
  • Free courier delivery for bulk orders of  IDOCARE products only above $50 purchase.
  • Free courier delivery above $80 purchase with combination of any items on our online store Kanga Organics.

Note: Partners discounts are not applicable for IDOCARE products, as their retail prices are already super affordable!  Do look out for more IDOCARE products in the works coming soon: Floor Cleaner, All Purpose Spray and Bathroom Cleaner!

Everyone can play a part.  Do yours for the environment, go green, use green products whenever possible for a more sustainable Planet Earth as long as we live! 

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