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Crayon Rocks & Tooth Tissues Available Now

Have we been busy scouting for new products?  Yes!  Here’s new arrival of eco-friendly, non-toxic Crayon Rocks for your little ones to unleash their creativity and help develop fine motor skills to prep them for handwriting when school starts!

16 color student box

Tripod Grip for handwriting prep

Are you having difficulty cleaning your baby’s tooth?  Fret not, My Dentist’s Choice Tooth Tissues will ensure clean, healthy teeth and cleaning habits as they grow!

My Dentist’s Choice Tooth Tissues


New Brands – Blafre, Smiling Planet, Mimi The Sardine

Being a new mum to be, there’s really nothing more enjoyable than hunting down the various eco-friendly and safe options with the coming baby in mind from diapers to clothing, to skincare, to meal times, and toys.  Isn’t it in a mother’s nature to want to protect and provide the safest and the best choices you can for your newborn child, to raise a green baby, to reduce his carbon footprint from age 0 onwards?  This nature of mine is glad to bring you more brands you can be assured that is safe for your newborns and kiddos too on Kanga Organics!

We are pleased to introduce Blafre – Stainless Steel water bottles & lunch boxes, Smiling Planet – 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, medical-grade, high purity, number #5 polypropylene tableware, and Mimi The Sardine – Certified organic eco-friendly acrylic-coated cotton spill mats & lunch bags!  Check out our Mimi The Sardine colorful and funky baby bibs too!

While you’re shopping, don’t forget to shop around for our GSS deals (10-50% off), now extended until 22 July 2012!  No need to enter any promotion code in checkout, just add them to your shopping cart!  Happy Green Singapore Sale!

New Brands: Dr Robin, Mother’s Corn, and non-toxic arts & crafts in store!

Busy shopping for GSS?!  We’ve got more new goodies for you to choose from!  It is not easy to hunt down skin safe sunscreen for adults, needless to say for children!  I’m glad we’ve found Dr. Robin’s range of sunscreen SPF30+ and shampoo & body wash in one for babies and toddlers.  Mummies who prefer to use just one bottle for hair and body to clean your little loved ones with sensitive skin, this will be great convenience and value for you!

We have also brought in new arrival of Mother’s Corn, eco-friendly, non-toxic tableware suitable for babies and toddlers learning to feed themselves!  Why choose Mother’s Corn instead of your usual plastics?  The reasons are many, none of them bad!  To list a few, Mother’s corn’s Feature:

  • Safe
  • BPA Free
  • Using non-toxic ink
  • Green
  • Less CO2
  • Biodegradable
  • Durable product

Find out more information for yourself!  After all, knowledge is power, it’s always good to know what is good and bad for your little children to ensure them a healthy, safe living growing up!

Hoping to create a little Picasso out of your little ones too?  Use no less than our Playon Crayons, non-toxic and stain free, and it’s a stacking game too!  A little more advance in creativity?  Create masterpieces with 100% plant based Glob Paint Kit!  Great for finger painting, crafts or homemade play dough!

Free shipping for SGD$80 above via courier to your doorstep, why wait to shop?  Grab while you can while our GSS lasts until 24 Jun 2012 only, or while stocks lasts for all our house brands!