About Kanga Organics

Kanga Organics is about You. You who choose to embrace an organic, natural, green and eco-friendly lifestyle the best you can. You who believes that by choosing green and natural products, life can be healthier, and our planet can be greener for our future generations. You who chooses the best for your little ones, because they deserved the best, because mums know best, and we are mums too. We put most of these products to the test in our family, so you can use the best in yours too.

How to know ‘Organic’?

Due to the increase in demand for an ‘Organic’ living, more companies are making use of the market trend to put the words ‘Natural’ & ‘Organic’ on their cosmetic products, even when their products are not officially certified by organic cosmetic certifiers, or even contain ingredients far from being organic or even natural.

Check out Organizations Links for a main list of certifying organic bodies that issues certified organic seals to products containing certified organic ingredients.

Apart from being certified organic, we cannot forget that for the sake of our beauty, we should NEVER sacrifice the poor wonderful animals, and condemn them to cruel and painful laboratory testing, so it is also as important to look out for certified animal cruelty free seals.

Here are some additional links you may wish to check out to equip yourself with the knowledge of safer cosmetics for a greener world.






Most importantly, here you can check if the current existing products you are using now contain any hazardous ingredients which you may be unaware of.  You may be surprise at the results!


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