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Organic Baby Gift Hampers

It’s the year of the Dragon! Needless to say, babies are popping out everywhere, pregnant mummies are thronging the streets, myself included.  🙂  Of course, baby full month party invitations are coming non-stop…

What better gifts than organic, and green ones that screams earth-friendly and babies’ skins friendly from Kanga Organics!  We are excited to bring you Baby Gift Hampers to suit every newborn needs and to meet every budget for your convenience!  You don’t have to carry the hamper yourself to attend the party, just leave it to us to deliver them to your party’s doorstep, so you can arrive in style!  No hassle, no sweat!

Gift Hampers/Gift Boxes customization are most welcome, simply email us: info(at) what you are looking for, and we’ll do the rest!

If you prefer to let your friends choose their own presents, our Gift eVouchers will be of great assistance!  Let Kanga Organics be your baby concierge today!

Organic Heiny Spray Available Limited Time Only

We’ve been hunting high and low for an organic cleansing spray for baby’s bum, and found Happy Heiny Spray!  Not only does Happy Heiny Spray gently cleanses and refresh the entire diaper area, it also moisturizes your baby’s sensitive areas with natural anti-bacterial protection!  Happy Heiny Spray will be the perfect replacement for all the wet wipes you have to spend on!  Save money, and be environmental friendly, while caring for your baby’s bum?  Why not?

GSS special retail price of SGD$25 now on till 22 Jul 2012.  Shop while stocks lasts!

JungleVine™ Fabric Used in Japan as Organic Skin Conditioner

Kanga Organics, is now testing JungleVine™ fabric as an organic skin conditioner!  Our new Nature Bag volunteer Vandara has brought us exciting news that the fabric of the Earth’s Greenest Bag has been used in areas of northern Japan to make aging skin young, blemished skin smooth & dry skin naturally moist.

Vandara uses the miraculous ancient fabric regularly, and her skin is as beautiful as we’ve seen.  Several other volunteers are experimenting to see what results they experience.  Its use can be as simple as rubbing it against the skin for a few minutes daily.

Kindly share with us what you experience by stimulating your skin with your green reusable tote.  If you would like to try the cloth sans the carrying capabilities, email: Vivian(at)NatureBag.ORG with a postal mailing address, and we’ll send you a free sample.  Or go to and order as many packets as you like for only US$1.00 each plus US$4.00 S&H.

We have 1 free sample to giveaway to the next customer who orders SGD$200 above worth of products from Kanga Organics, so act fast, and grab your JungleVine™ fabric organic skin conditioner with your online green shopping today!  Nature Bags are now on sale too!

100% Organic Bamboo Inserts (Unbleached) Available Now

We’re pleased to include all new 100% organic bamboo inserts in complementary to our Raf Raf new improved designs diapers!  100% organic bamboo is softer and cooler for hot climates like Singapore, more breathable than cotton, naturally absorbent and antibacterial too!

New inserts comes with snap buttons, which is compatible with existing Raf Raf Day diapers, so you can choose to use either charcoal bamboo (more absorbent) or 100% organic bamboo (softer) in your baby’s diapers.  These inserts are good for night diapers as additional inserts for longer lasting absorbency through the night too!

Raf Raf Diapers New Improved & Designs for Day/Night Use

Yay!  We are so loving these new Raf Raf cloth diaper designs!  Not only are the new designs with embroidery applique on babies bums that makes them oh so cute, the quality of the diaper has now been improved to entirely 100% organic bamboo too!  No more sensitive, reddish bums, and super absorbent bamboo ensures your babies bums stay dry until the next diaper change.  Best part?  The price remains at SGD$36.90 per piece for limited time period only!  Greater quality for the same price!  Grab it during GSS to save more than 20% off including our 3pcs trial packs, 6pcs starter packs, and 12pcs economy packs!  Get 10% off extra natural bamboo inserts too!

Raf new designs

And The GSS Goes On…

It’s July!  And the Green Singapore Sale goes on till 22 Jul 2012, we’ve added more discounts for our loyal customers for Raf Raf Diapers, Mother’s Corn, and Dr. Robin organic baby skincare!  Check them out in your shopping cart before 22 Jul or while stocks lasts!

We’re very pleased to introduce you a new certified organic brand of skin and body care Perfect Potion from Australia and certified organic by BDIH, as well as our all time favorite organic make up brand Nvey Eco on Kanga Organics!  Read more on Perfect Potion and shop for their large variety of skin and body care here.  Shop for your talc free organic make up Nvey Eco too!

Remember: free delivery to your doorstep with purchases above SGD$80 only for all Singapore customers!  Happy Green Shopping!