Los Angeles Decides Against Being Green with its Plastic Bag Ban

Los Angeles has become the largest city in the USA to restrict the use of plastic reusable bags.  Unfortunately the misguided “do-gooders” who brought this about not only have harmed the future of their own environment, but also are proposing that their state, America’s most populous, impose laws that would do the same everywhere else.

Click here to read the British study to understand why banning plastic “disposable” bags is not environmentally wise.  Keep in mind, too, that most consumers will choose the cheapest legal alternatives when substituting for the banned plastic totes.

As you read the results of the British study, you might wonder how Earth’s Greenest Bag™ compares with plastic & other reusable bags it analyzes.  Remember that the Nature Bag is made of naturally growing fiber (no agriculture, no cultivation) that is hand-gathered and transformed into durable long-life totes IN THE HOMES of one of the world’s poorest indigenous cultures.  Most of these homes and the families who take shelter in them use nothing but human energy.  They do not commute, which is likely the most wasteful and otherwise anti-social activities in human culture.  Any small amounts of non-human energy they use virtually always is from renewable sources (water & solar) of which Laos has an abundance.

All of the activities of the Nature Bag Khmu/Lao Poverty Reduction Project center on living green.  From the small amounts of electricity used in our Iowa USA offices & global distribution center (20 percent of which comes from the wind) to the amount of paper & printing we use and the home-based working arrangements we have with most of our volunteers, our underlying motivation always is being earth-friendly.

Other “green” bags, such as those made from organic cotton or those that efficiently utilize recycled materials, can be the best alternatives if they have long usability lives.  However, as the British study reveals, other seemingly good choices like ordinary cotton reusable bags (that are not recyclable) would need to be reused dozens of times to match the environmentally friendly qualities of plastic bags reused only once.

Also, beware of “green” totes made from industrial hemp, jute, bamboo and other renewable fibers.  Most require substantial inputs of water & fossil fuels in the agriculture that grows them and the factories that process them.

Vivian H Ramirez

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