Great Singapore Sale 2012!

Wow, it’s starting again, every mid-year, GSS signs everywhere!  Of course, you’ll see it on Kanga Organics too!  Check out our specials from 10-50% off our house brands: Bornsage, Raf Raf, Skin Blossom Organic Bloom, Hawaiian Body Products, Nature Bag, and Sanctum too!  What better time to grab than during GSS 2012?

Our GSS 2012 special prices are valid from 21 May to 24 Jun 2012 only or while stocks lasts!

*Note: all discount promo codes will be invalid during our GSS 2012 period, as the prices are already unbeatable!  Free shipping applies for all purchases SGD$80 above by courier to your doorstep.  Let your fingers do the shopping this GSS!


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