September Nature Bag Maker Of The Month – Nang Paeng

Nature Bag Straps may not be Adjustable but There are Alternatives!

The momentum of Nature Bag is picking up steam and there have been a lot of interest and good questions coming from all over! We recently received a question regarding the straps on our Nature Bags and if they were adjustable.  Bill, both Volunteer and Sponsor of Nature Bag, gave some great tips on how to overcome that obstacle!

“The straps are not adjustable, however, our bag is excellent in place of a backpack and is used frequently as a shoulder bag.

Sometimes I use as many as 4 bags simultaneously & still have both hands free. If I wanted, I could easily carry a couple of bags in each hand, too.  Even the longer strapped bags also can serve as handbags, grocery-type bags or totes by simply wrapping the extra strap length around the hands & wrists.

Unless a person is very large, most of our bags, including those with the shorter straps, can be worn either around the neck or simply over the shoulder.  A bag worn around the neck can be positioned so that it primarily lies along the back or chest rather than under the arm.  A bag worn over a shoulder can be held towards the back resting against the rear of the arm rather than left to dangle under the arm along the side or positioned towards the chest or stomach.

Theoretically one simultaneous could use as many as 10 bags: Four around the neck (2 positioned on each side, with one along the back & one towards the chest); one over each shoulder positioned so that the cargo is under the arm resting between the front & chest around-the-neck bags & two in each hand.

Although not recommended, I guess you could carry an eleventh bag with its strap covering the forehead & the cargo resting against the center of the back.  Khmu (the ethnic group that crafts the Nature Bag) people frequently are seen using the forehead as a strap support with the cargo positioned in the center of the back, but it would seem to me that most peoples’ necks might not tolerate that positioning very well.  The forehead support I’m describing is depicted in a scene of our video “How to Make a Nature Bag.”

On a practical basis, the issue is not as much how many & where bags can be carried as how much weight do you want to carry.  A single Nature Bag stuffed full of heavy cargo is more than most of us feel comfortable toting except for very short distances.

Now back to my early statement that a Nature Bag is excellent as a substitute for a backpack. If you are hiking, biking or exercising so that you sweat, the first place for a shirt or blouse to become damp is beneath a backpack where air circulation is restricted, hence restricting your perspiration from being evaporated into the air & naturally cooling you. (Cooling the body is the reason that nature causes us to sweat.) Whereas the Jungle Vine™ fabric of a Nature Bag allows good air circulation where it blankets the body, permitting easier evaporation & increased cooling while tending to keep your garments dry.”

Original article by Vivian Ball Ramirez – Volunteer

September Nature Bag Maker of the
Month – Nang (Ms.) Paeng

  • What is your name?  My name is Paeng.
  • How old are you?  I am 28 years old.
  • How many people are there in your family?  There are 11 people in my family.
  • Are you married and how many children do you have?  Yes, I am married and have 2 children, a girl and a boy.
  • What does your family do for living?  Well, actually, we are mountain rice farmers and for extra income we make Nature Bags.
  • Who taught you how to make Nature Bags?  My mother and sisters.
  • Do you enjoying doing it?  Yeah! Creating bags have become part of my daily routine!
  • How long have you been doing it?  It’s been 4-5 years now.

Grab your very own unique Nature Bag online or at our stockist: Simply Living Lifeshop today!

Address: 238 River Valley Road (opp. Mohamed Sultan Road) Singapore 238296
Telephone: 6737 9491


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