Daily Archives: August 29, 2011

Bigger Is Not Better

Many have asked why our organic body washes or shampoos are so small in volume, as compared to others.  The reason for our 150-200ml sizes is that our organic products do not contain your usual chemical preservatives, therefore the lifespan of these products are relatively shorter once opened (3-6 months) as compared to the commercial brands on the shelves.  We noticed there are some organic, but not certified organic brands that are huge in volume of 500ml or even 1000ml in the market, such that when you compare the prices vs volume of products, it makes them much more affordable to purchase as you think the products will last you for a longer period of time, thus you spend less.

Yes, indeed they are cheaper when you make such comparisons, but if it is only used by one or two persons for a large 500ml or 1000ml bottle, you will take a much longer period to finish the product, when their product efficacy actually diminishes over time once opened, upon contact with air, so one may notice that the product scent might have change, or it no longer work as well as when you first opened them.  So, unless a large bottle is shared by the entire family, it is actually not advisable for individuals to use big bottles of organic body washes or shampoos, as you will not benefit from the products if you do not actually complete them within their once opened lifespan.  Therefore, it is actually better if you purchase smaller volume of organic products, and complete them within 1-2 months, and use a brand new bottle when its finished.  That way, you can be sure that the organic products that you’re using, remain fresh throughout the entire time of product usage.  Using organic products is to ensure that one benefits from them, so it is preferable to use fresh ones whenever possible, rather than stale ones that have been opened and unable to complete within 3 months.

Our Skin Blossom Organic Bloom Cleanse & Nourish Body Wash, Complete Care Shampoo & Conditioner have proven efficacy, without having to use a large amount for each wash.  A smaller than 20ct coin size is usually sufficient for each use!  So, each bottle lasts us at least 1.5 months, and every wash is as fresh as when we just opened the bottle.  Isn’t a fresh shower supposed to feel that way everyday?  Don’t believe?  Try it yourself!