Daily Archives: August 19, 2011

Skin Blossom Organic Bloom New Shipment Arrival & Latest Press Coverage

Yippee!  Our Skin Blossom Organic Bloom Complete Care Shampoo new shipment have arrived!

When we delivered stocks to one of our stockist CHOOSE yesterday, we were told that one of their regular customer fell in love with our Skin Blossom Organic Bloom Complete Care Shampoo after trying just a bottle, and since then, is never able to go back to using commercial shampoos laden with harmful chemicals!  We’re just very glad to have yet another organic convert after trying our affordable, certified organic series from Skin Blossom Organic Bloom!

This is exactly what we hope to achieve: To have more organic converts after trying our affordable, certified organic range of products.  Who says going organic, and adopting a healthy lifestyle choice needs to be expensive?!  We need more organic manufacturers to make organic products more affordable, so that more people can afford to go organic, this is not only essential for healthier living for the human bodies, but also playing our part for a more sustainable green planet to live in by choosing more green products in our daily lives!

We have also just been blogged about by Little Green Dot – Behind The Brand by green blogger Militza MauryMilitza is an up and coming green blogger who strives to build up a green directory for all eco-conscious shoppers in Singapore!  Such great, green people are hard to come by, so do head on over to her blog for more green information to arm yourself with!  We can never be too GREEN, as long as global warming still remains a crisis!  Happy Going Green!  🙂